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Footnotes: Problem Sharing; It’s God’s Money; Mark-to-Who Cares | 01.31.14

Researchers in California have figured out that "a problem shared is a problem halved" for those of you who spend too much time in our comment section complaining *hint hint* [Daily Mail]

Wall Street falls; Dow, S&P end worst month since May 2012 [Reuters]

A former Christian radio host who hosted a show called "It's God's Money" has been charged in running a Ponzi scheme… guess it ain't God's money now, huh bro? [St Petersburg Tribune]

Mead Johnson Nutrition adopts mark-to-market pension accounting to boost earnings [Pensions & Investments]

Are you totally excited to access FASB codification on your tablet now OR WHAT? [BusinessWire]

A popular eatery in Indianapolis is closed due to tax trouble [Indy Star]

House wants another IRS hearing, but no one to testify [USA Today]