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Footnotes: The New Normal; DeVry’s Future Plans; BofA Bounces Its Own Fed Check | 04.28.14

Here are 10 things that used to be normal before we all had smartphones that don't happen now [App360]

DeVry has plans for a new income stream: ex NFL players [BBW]

Bank of America's big math error The Federal Reserve required BofA (BAC, Fortune 500)on Monday to ditch its plans to return cash to shareholders after the bank said it incorrectly reported capital ratios in recent stress tests. The second largest U.S. bank by assets said the error was caused by an "incorrect adjustment" related to bad debts the bank assumed when it acquired Merrill Lynch in 2009. It means the bank doesn't have as much high-quality capital on hand as everyone thought. [CNNMoney]

Uncle Sam is paying his debt down [BBW]

New Mexico accountant accused of insurance fraud A New Mexico accountant has pleaded not guilty to charges that defrauded the federal and state unemployment insurance system out of more than $1.3 million. [Houston Chronicle]

If Pfizer Avoids U.S. Taxes By Buying AstraZeneca, Will Congress Be Forced To Act? [Forbes]

It appears some judges may not be impartial due to their financial ties (shock, I know) [Center for Public Integrity]