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More Foam Fingers for Everyone, Except You BDO

green#1.jpgNot surprisingly, the Big 4 find themselves on another best of list, this time the best for Working Mother 100 Best Companies for 2009. RSM McGladrey and Grant Thornton also made the list so it seems legit.
All these firms also made the magazine’s work/life balance list, although there doesn’t seem to be any difference sans one company we didn’t take the time to identify.
Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any kind of formal ranking, unlike the BW list, so no firm has the ultimate bragging rights, which is probably upsetting Deloitte who was probably going for the Grand Slam of magazine Best Of Lists.
A quick run down of some stats after the jump:

• Deloitte had the highest number of women on their Board of Directors at 29%
• 50% of PwC’s top earners are women
• 44% of E&Y managers are women and they have the most women partners, according to the list
• RSM’s total workforce is 55% women.
You can check more stats at each firm’s page. Frankly, for a major firm to NOT make this list doesn’t um, look too good (ahem, BDO).