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Footnotes: Madoff’s Loyal IT Guys; GTFO SOTU; No Accounting for China | 01.29.14

Madoff IT Guys Wrote Code to Trick Auditors, Jury Told [Bloomberg]

You guys, the State of the Union is sooooo 2000 [NYT]

'Vampire' bank RBS accused of ruining businesses and lives [BusinessZone]

It's totes LOL that Bernanke leaves the Fed with a final screw you guys and your little dollar too [Reuters]

Nintendo plans to buy back quite a bit of stock, cue Mario *game over* music [SF Chronicle]

Here's an article on what you should do as soon as you check into your hotel room for our constantly-traveling, paranoid friends out there [HuffPo]

There's No Accounting for China [WSJ]

Iowa accountant fired after $66K missing from Hawkeye Express The University of Iowa fired an athletics department accountant after auditors projected $66,000 is missing from ticket sales for a popular train that takes fans to the football stadium, a school spokesman said Wednesday. The university fired 31-year employee Kathleen Willier from her $54,000-a-year job on Nov. 6 for failing to follow the school's cash handling procedures and unsatisfactory job performance, spokesman Tom Moore told The Associated Press. [Hawkmania]