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Are Inventory Counts the Bane of Your Existence?

inventory.jpgThat’s probably a stretch but we have a tendency to over-dramatize some things, so hang with us.
Since we’re coming up on the end of Q3 next week and many of you are of the audit cloth, we’ll start a thread on inventory counts and how they have the uncanny ability to f*ck with your universe, particularly come December.
One source dropped us a response they received after requesting time off in December:
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At this time we are not granting any time off for associates during Christmas or New Years weeks – conditional or unconditional. Over the next few months as we receive inventory requests for the holidays, we will make sure that these requests are adequately covered, then we will be able to review our holiday policy and let you all know if time off will be granted and how.

So hold off on making plans because you might need to go to a chicken farm in the middle of Missouri on New Year’s Day. Get it?
Discuss in the comments how well/poorly your office handles the inventory sitch and feel free to give the new hires an idea of what they’re in for. We heard a story once that involved a headless chicken. Run with it.