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LPGA Star and Accounting Degree Holder Stacy Lewis Will Not Take KPMG’s Money To Be an Auditor

On Monday, we learned that Phil Mickelson's KPMG hat got a Twitter account. I know. Thankfully, it wasn't so much a shameless opportunity for Phil to strut around in a new lid with proper KPMG colors, as it was a shameless opportunity for Phil to strut around in a new lid with proper KPMG colors and then guilt you into buying one for $29.95 so some kids would get free books. It will work and some kids will get to read. That's a good thing. And there's more good news! Phil has been carrying the House of Klynveld torch for quite a few years now and now he has help. Her name is Stacy Lewis and while her hat does not yet have a Twitter account she does have one big advantage over Phil. Calm down, this particular fact has nothing to do with physical attractiveness. Stacy graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in finance and accounting and according to the chat she had with John Veihmeyer on Phil's website, Stacy turned down KPMG so she could start a career in professional golf:

Johnny V: I understand you got an accounting degree at the University of Arkansas. So you graduate, you majored in accounting, you can decide to join KPMG as a new accountant, or go be a professional golfer, and somehow you chose to be a pro golfer.

Stacy: Yeah, it really wasn't that hard of a decision. [A lot of stuff about a good education, blah, blah, blah.]

JV: You know, in the off-season, when you're not playing golf, you can come join our audit staff and, you know, sharpen up those old accounting skills.

Stacy: I don't know about that.

Of course John just laughs this off but how do you all feel about Stacy turning down the opportunity to spend some time in the trenches? Can she really be trusted to wear the HoK colors and squares without putting in some real time as a servant to the capital markets? It would only be appropriate if the Klynveldians in the audience debate this honestly and openly.