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British Stationery Company Theorizes That Some Businesses Prefer Keeping Books on Paper Because They Are “Unaware” of Accounting Software, Other Bullshit Reasons

We all know someone who's a little too resistant to technological advances in accounting and the accounting business. The partner who never uses email. The office manager who insists on going to the post office rather than printing postage off the web. KPMG.  

But even the fussiest Luddites have adapted to the various improvements after some prodding. According to one British stationery company, however, this acceptance of computers, phones without cords, and other fancy-schmancy gadgets is not as widespread as you think. Nope! There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that suggests otherwise!

Recent sales at Office Stationery are proving not everyone seems willing to give up good old fashioned paper and pen when it comes to completing their accounts. Office Stationery has seen a huge increase in accounting tools and this is possibly based in having such a large number of options. […] Sales in the other areas of accounting forms have increased with products such as Signature books, petty cash pads, receipt books and duplicate pads all proving popular rather then the pc based software. An office stationery spokesman commented: “this could possible be down to the cost, PC software can be expensive and in many cases will need updating in the future which will also cost extra.” It could also be down to people being unaware of products such as Sage and Quickbooks or is it just a case certain people prefer everything in one place on one sheet.
Other possible reasons that business owners may still be choosing paper over computer technology for financial reporting include:
1. Every time the owner rustles up the gumption to go buy software, he/she is stopped short because of rain.
2. KPMG.
3. Someone reached the conclusion at one time or another that all computers are capable of HAL 9000-esque cold-bloodedness. 
Or it could be the cost. I mean, the most basic QuickBooks is only free for 30 days and then will run you less than 50¢ a day. Times are tough!