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KPMG Upgrades Its Female Interns From Necklaces to Camisoles

If you recall, KPMG hooked up its summer interns last year with gift cards to Men's Wearhouse and Ann Taylor depending on gender, natch, as well as ties or necklaces, again based on gender, again natch. That was so nice of them to help the newbs build their professional wardrobe, wasn't it?

Winter intern training went just a little differently, and I'm hoping my fellow ladies can chime in here and confirm that I'm not crazy to think this is just a little weird. Check it out:

Blane ends a great General Session and Fashion Show by surprising our interns with some great gifts! Each male intern received a silk tie and $200 giftcard to Men's Wearhouse and each female received a camisole and $200 giftcard to Ann Taylor Factory.

OK, I get it, young ladies need to know the difference between a work-appropriate cami and the kind you wear to turn your boyfriend on in private. Young ladies might also need to understand that since you've already got the client's money, there's no need to put the girls on display for all to see (unless you're interning for Crazy Eddie, of course).

But since they already did a fashion show for the interns like some kind of public accounting What Not to Wear, how about KPMG stay away from invading its interns' drawer for underthings and other unmentionables?

Also, is anyone talking to these interns about FIT? It's not so much appropriate for work vs. unappropriate for work, it's how it fits that can make or break your stupid outfit. I know Amber feels me on this one, we've discussed it plenty back when I was in CPA review and she was a big hotshot at a California accounting firm.