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Let’s See Those Work-From-Home Battlestations

Hey and happy Monday, GC faithful. It appears the world did not end over the weekend so here we are again at the start of another workweek.

After almost three weeks of mandated quarantine, I’m beginning to get a bit cagey. As y’all know, we’re used to working from home so nothing has changed there, but something about being told not to go outside makes me want to run out of my front door and pace around the neighborhood. Take up running, even. Alas, I probably have the cooties — or did, at least — so here we are.

I’m fortunate enough to have one of those totally Old South-y balconies, so as I like to do on cool evenings, I flung open my balcony door last night only to discover a pair of giant moths had welcomed themselves into my apartment. Swatting at them with a broom was the most exercise I’ve gotten since I’ve been on Corona house arrest (my Fitbit mistook it for 19 minutes of swimming) so I guess that’s the upside. Anyhoo, my bedroom doubles as an office space, and since my new roommates had made themselves comfortable in there, I decided to move my work over to my kitchen counter this morning.

Not a terrible setup, really.

I bet y’all expected a pile of cats and a stack of empty liquor bottles piled up everywhere. Sorry to disappoint.

I know it’s not much but it sure beats this monstrosity I saw on Reddit this morning.

I may not have the monitors but at least I own at least one trash can.

If anyone cares to share theirs (without compromising client security, obvs) let ‘er rip. Bet you can’t outdo ole neckbeard up here. And if anyone is too embarrassed to post theirs, use the contact info below to send it to us so Bramwell and I can at least have a laugh during these dark times.