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Anyone Out There Awaiting Their IQEX Score?

For all those interested, NASBA is scheduled to release International Qualification Examination results today. What the hell is that, you say? Glad you asked! From NASBA:

IQEX is used to examine the professional competence, from a United States perspective, of accountants from foreign bodies, determined by the U.S. International Qualifications Appraisal Board to have education, examination and experience requirements substantially equivalent to United States CPAs. The IQEX tests reciprocity applicants on their knowledge of U.S. professional standards, U.S. taxation and business law.

The "foreign bodies" that NASBA and the AICPA mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) with include: Australia – CA, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Mexico, and New Zealand. If you're not a member of one of these, then you are required to pass the good ol' exam that we have here. 

So far, NASBA's Twitter feed hasn't made an announcement that scores have been released but no doubt there are people out anxiously waiting. I mean, they emailed us for crissakes. If you're shaking with anticipation like someone coming off a 3-day bender, try to calm yourself by talking it out below.