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Let’s Bicker About: Top Undergrad Accounting Programs

According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, any burgeoning debit and credit artists out there would do well by attending one of the following schools for their undergraduate studies:

1. Brigham Young (Marriott) 1.067
2. Notre Dame (Mendoza) 1.076
3. UC Berkeley (Haas) 1.081
4. Cornell (Dyson) 1.089
5. Illinois – Urbana-Champaign 1.116
6. Tulsa (Collins) 1.118
7. Richmond (Robins) 1.119
8. Southern Methodist (Cox) 1.12
9. Wake Forest 1.138
10. Tulane (Freeman) 1.141
Bragging rights are now set for another year, however, since there were five new schools in this year's list, here's last year's ranking so that recruiters and parents may recalibrate as needed:
1. Emory
2. BYU
3. Notre Dame
4. Southern Methodist
5. Boston College
6. Cornell
7. Richmond
8. NYU
9. University of Denver
10. Texas
I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for Emory and Texas disappearing from the list altogether, but we'll have to wait for the full ranking that is due in the coming weeks to see where they landed. Please watch your schadenfreude
Image: Wikipedia