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Scott London Won’t Be Making Flirty Comments on the Facebook Page of Bryan Shaw’s Wife Anytime Soon

It was nearly two weeks ago when we learned that ex-KPMG partner had dabbled in insider trading of several KPMG clients, including two — Herbalife and Skechers — that were audit clients of London's. It set off quite a firestorm, however when the criminal complaint against London came out, we discovered that the manner in which he and his golf buddy/watch guy Bryan Shaw conducted this little conspiracy was not too sophisticated. Phone calls. Meetings in parking lots. Black paper bags filled with cash. The Boss. It's what you might expect from a couple of middle-aged bros who had plenty of laughs together at the 19th hole. 

But no longer! In a Los Angeles Times report from Saturday, London's lawyer Harald explains that his client and Shaw are "no longer on speaking terms" which means that there will likely be some unfriending and whatnot, which also means there will be less of Scott's charming quips on Facebook: 
London frequently commented on the Facebook page of Shaw’s wife, Cyndi. In 2009, Cyndi posted a photo of her with Scott London’s wife, Michele, and a third friend at a restaurant and captioned it “The 3 amigas.” The girls’ night out picture elicited a teasing response from Scott London, who commented, “You guys look a little out of focus. Is the world blurry to you?”
That same month, underneath a photo showing the Shaws smiling on vacation, London wrote, “Who is that hotty in the sunglasses.” Cyndi Shaw responded, “Your buddy Bryan of course!”
Mrs. Shaw is probably relieved she won't have to endure that anymore.