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Footnotes: Netflix Up; More On Online Taxes; Anonymous Auditors Should Be Outed | 04.22.13

Netflix is on the move, in a good way. I'm sure we can thank Kevin Spacey. [CNN]

There is still at least one dude who believes in Microsoft. Maybe a little too much. [WSJ]

Let's just tax online purchases already so we can stop talking about it, mmkay? [US News and World Report]

Headline of the day: "Accountant Allegedly Steals To Pay For Divorce, Breast Implants," it's a far better take on this than the link Colin provided you this morning [AOL]

And from FT (so it's subscriber only), Regulator urges end to auditor anonymity [FT]

Dylan Matthews of WaPo seems to believe high alcohol taxes will curb crime. Might I say that I mostly only drink at home, alone, and pass out before I can commit any crimes? [Washington Post]

Just read FASB Issues Standard on the Liquidation Basis of Accounting and your day is complete [Herald Online]

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