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Top Ten Accounting Programs Are Spectacularly Unspectacular

It's that time of year again where U.S. News & World Report clings to relevancy by issuing their College Rankings List and, per usual, we'll present you with the top undergraduate accounting programs with indifference. The purpose of these rankings, as we all know, allows the alumni and current students of top accounting schools the opportunity to shamelessly gloat in front of their colleagues who went to less prestigious schools (and who are probably lucky they can even read).

Here are the top ten schools:

1. Texas-Austin
2. Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
3. BYU
4. Penn
5. Southern California
6. Notre Dame
7. Michigan
8. Indiana-Bloomington
9. NYU
10. Ohio State (tie) 
10. Florida (tie)

What's interesting about these rankings is that they aren't really interesting at all. Texas? Illinois? BYU? Sigh. God, how we pine for a Boise State to come from out of nowhere to disrupt the natural order of things for a few years.