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McGladrey & Pullen Needs to Quit Being Nice to Us

natalie_gulbis3.jpgOn the one hand we feel bad about missing McGladrey & Pullen being on BW’s list of Best Places to Launch a Career. They land at #66 but the picture at right wasn’t used and frankly, our attention span is short.

We’re also a little disappointed that the M&Pers out there didn’t jump our shit about missing it altogether. Perfect opportunity for you call us out for being a Big 4 whore or something to that effect. Probably due to the Minnesota Nice or maybe you’re all clinically depressed because your firms are getting divorced. WTFK.

Regardless, your opportunity is gone because this is the GC “our bad” statement for leaving you out of the previous posts.
However, when we probed M&P’s profile we discovered that the five year retention rate was 18%. And M&P sponsors Natalie Gulbis for crissakes. We shouldn’t have to explain how valuable she would be in the recruiting and retention processes. We just convinced ourselves that we don’t feel bad at all.

Get it together M&P.

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