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KPMG Plans to Stand By Their Man Phil Mickelson

Our buddy and fellow accounting enthusiast Michael Rapoport shared the good news via Wall Street Journal last night:

KPMG LLP indicated Monday it continues to support golfer Phil Mickelson, with whom the accounting firm has a long-running sponsorship agreement.

In a statement, KPMG said, “We have had a very strong relationship with Phil for a number of years, and we fully expect it to continue. We have great respect for him.”

You will note that Phil, KPMG, and the blue hat have a long history together. The sponsorship began in 2008 and was renewed earlier this year, which means Phil will proudly sport that KPMG hat through 2016. As always, it's not about Phil at all but about the kids. THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN.

Back in January when KPMG signed with Phil for another two years, KPMG Chairman and CEO John Veihmeyer stated "Having grown to know Phil over the last six years, he’s just a tremendous person both on and off the course."

If you've ever considered buying a KPMG blue hat of your own, now might be the time to plunk down that $29.95 just in case this whole thing with Icahn turns ugly so you can add it to your collection next to your Scott London business card and WorldCom drinking glasses. Plus, you know, your purchase helps kids get books and stuff.

Insider trading accusations be damned, KPMG is standing by their man.