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KPMG Finds That If You Count Twitter, the World Economic Forum Isn’t Such a Brofest

Earlier this week, we made mention of the Big 4's precise efforts to meet expectations re: bringing women to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. As "Strategic Partners" of the WEF, the firms are asked to include one woman for every four men in their delegation. According to a recent-ish study, that ratio is slightly better than the actual number of female partners at each of the Big 4, so you know the guys are really trying here.

Anyway, everyone knows that the WEF is a little too testosterony, but KPMG sees a silver lining in this otherwise tricky broblem. 

New data from KPMG International shows that women delegates are playing an increasingly prominent role in the public discussion from the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. While about 17% of WEF delegates in Davos are women, they have accounted for more than a third of Davos delegate social media activity.

Well, that's nice. How'd they come up with those numbers?

Analysis of delegates' Twitter activity, presented by KPMG website shows that, on day one of the Davos meeting, delegates sent 2,376 tweets, of which 784 were from female attendees (excludes media, who accounted for 1,958 tweets, 45% of total).

Hocus pocus, women are influential! Imagine if they were tracking the Pinterest page!