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Footnotes: Another Accounting Firm Sued for Bank Audit; Workin’ or Schoolin’?; EITC Awareness Day | 01.25.13

A couple of hedge fund managers shouted at each other on CNBC today. [BI]

SEC’s new Wall Street enabler [Salon via Sam Antar]

U.S. Century Bank shareholders sue accounting firm MBAF That's Morrison, Brown, Argiz and Farra for those of you scoring at home. [SFBJ]

The Chicken-and-Egg Problem: Experience or an Accounting Degree? [AWEB]

The Tax Impact of Obamacare On The Passthrough Income of Small Business Owners [Tony Nitti/Forbes]

Subway has apologized for those footlong subs that fell short of expectations. [AP]

Man writes $60k of bad checks on $7 account, police say [Ames Tribune]

Apparently there's a EITC awareness day. [AT]

U.S. CPA License Increases International Employment Options for Japanese Accountants [AICPA]

Charges: Man Pointed AK-47 At Daughter Over Grades Kirill Bartashevitch was charged with two felony counts of terroristic threats in connection with the Jan. 13 incident. […] The complaint states that the girl and Bartashevitch were arguing at their residence on Jan. 13 about her grades in school. She was getting two Bs in school instead of two As. He swore at the girl, who then told him she hated him, and he grabbed a recently purchased AK-47 and pointed it at her. [CBS]

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