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If Not a Troll, This Guy Might Be the Saddest Accountant Ever

When I say "saddest accountant ever," I exclude certain Going Concern commenters who shall remain nameless.

Don't ask me why I was reading this interview with Farrah Abraham, I'm a little obsessed with the vortex of Teen Mom as it only validates my poor life choices that aren't nearly as poor as some of the "stars" of that show.

Farrah in particular is a fascinating creature, and I mean before the new breasts, horrible Fred Flintstone chin implant and sex tape. As we reported last month (I use the term "reported" as loosely as possible, just like Farrah herself), Miss Abraham is parlaying her reality TV experience and associates from culinary school into… a possible career in accounting? As many of you joked at the time, if you have seen her sex tape, you already know she is well-prepared for a career in public accounting since she's already well versed in double entry.

Well, in perusing the comments in the interview post, I came across this gem that awakened my non-existent empathy with its raw, self-deprecating sadness. If not trolling, I genuinely feel bad for this guy. Let's hope instead that this guy's roommate used his computer to watch porn in the middle of the day, took a wrong turn at Gawker on his way to find Farrah's sex tape and decided to make a comment when he realized the poor guy was still logged in.

Please tell me you're trolling, bro. Please.