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Big 4 vs Big 4 internships?

I have a bit of a conundrum:

Big 4 offered me a winter tax internship, acceptance due in 2 weeks.

ANOTHER BIG 4 (!) offered 3rd office visit/interview (tax summer internship) at another location (big midwest region) interview in 3 weeks.


How can I take advantage of this without hurting my prospects w/ 2 big 4 in the future?

Can I do the first with no acceptance of a ft offer in case one is offered?

Second internship: do I tell them about the first if asked, how do I approach trying to do both without burning bridges?

Should I talk to my career counselor about this? It feels like this may be looked down upon and they may be the gatekeeper with the school in mind more than the students…

All questions contingent on 3rd interview going well, which I hope does, but what do I do until then? My thought is to ask for a 2 week extension on first offer…