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Big four wintern intern – am I ruining my changes for a FT offer?

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Hello Going Concern Community:

I hope everyone’s busy season is off to a great start. I’m aspiring to be a full time associate with a big four accounting firm. I went through all the motions in college (Beta Alpha Psi, accounting internships with local CPA firms, etc.) all while maintaining a competitive GPA (3.65). In my senior year I went through the interviewing process with a big four firm (Phone interview, office visit, etc.) and I was fortunate enough to be extended an internship offer.

It has now been one month since the internship began and I received a 3/5 for my first engagement. My in-charge said that my attitude was great but that I needed to pay more attention to detail because I made a few mistakes. I recently started my second engagement along with another intern, and clearly the other intern is a “star” because he gets most of the difficult assignments, while I get stuck with a lot of the “easy” tasks (Scanning, making copies, etc.). It is clear that my in-charge favors the other intern on this engagement – my in-charge won’t ever acknowledge my presence – and when he does it’s only when he needs me to make a copy or pick up dinner.

I feel left out of this engagement. I do not know what I am doing wrong. I come in with a good attitude, I pick up dinner for everyone, I ask lots of questions, I take notes, etc., yet I always end up doing the smaller and less important tasks while another intern gets to do all of the fun stuff.

I just don’t want to be the intern who didn’t t get a full time offer only because this in-charge does not like me. I know there has to be an underlying reason why he doesn’t like me but I can’t figure out what it is.

I’d appreciate any feedback. Thanks!