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High Paid Tax Positions

Hi everyone, I'm trying to get a better understanding of what jobs related to tax pay the most $.

Currently an MS Tax student, had an internship at a big 4 firm in NYC, will be returning full time in a few months, studying for the 4th and final part of the CPA.

Yes I know you should do what you love, with good people, at a good company, etc. and all of that is important to me, and I'm not looking for the easy way out as I'm fully dedicated to puting in the necessary time and effort to get any of these positions, I'm just trying to figure out on average which jobs might be more lucrative, trying to keep my eyes open for the future looking at everything from all angles. 

Examples I've came up with:

1)partner at the firm, obviously

2)maybe a tax director at a hedge fund

3)tax lawyer at a big firm (yes I know shooting yourself in the foot might be a better option than going to law school) 

4)some other general vp or tax director job at a big company

I really do enjoy tax and would like to dedicate a career to it, so any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.