January 14, 2022


cryptocurrency consulting accounting job

Should Cryptocurrency Consulting Be the Next Phase in Your Accounting Career?

Think the hype over cryptocurrency has reached its fever pitch? Think again—the crypto craze has only just begun. Businesses are increasingly viewing cryptocurrency as a viable investment. New tokens are gaining steam, and Bitcoin, the OG crypto cash, continues to trade at a frenzied pace. More than 200,000 Bitcoin transactions occur every day, and investors like […]

Mastering Data Analytics Can Make You a More Valuable Accountant

What can you do to make yourself more valuable to your organization? If you’re an accountant or if you work on a corporate finance team, becoming a master in data analysis is a big step forward. But why? And what does data analytics have to do with accounting? Accountants use data analytics to help businesses […]

remote us expat tax accountant jobs

U.S. Expat Tax Accountants: Don’t Work From Home. Work From Anywhere.

Like everyone else in the accounting industry, U.S. expat tax accountants are going remote. A 2017 report found that 3.9 million Americans spend at least half their time working from home. That’s a 115% increase in remote workers since 2005. But working from home is old school. The next step is working from anywhere, crossing […]

DePaul University - Artificial Intelligence article

Should Accountants Be Worried About Artificial Intelligence?

Financial disciplines have long been the first thought-of areas where technology like artificial intelligence will cause dramatic disruption and upend entire ways of thinking. Accountancy is certainly no different from others in the finance umbrella, and we continue to see headlines explaining Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Accounting.  In many ways, the AI […]

MAC new jobs

How Deep Accounting Skills Can Help You Unlock Cool New Jobs

There’s a lot of upside to adding deep accounting knowledge and skills to your resume—impressive credentials, prospects for higher pay, and a chance to take your career to the next level, among other positive career boosts. If you already have solid work experience and have developed expertise in certain areas, adding accounting knowledge—and a Master […]

startup accounting job

Get an Accounting Job with Startup Perks–Minus the Startup Risks

Looking for a job in the accounting field where you’ll get to interact with a wide variety of clients, gain a foothold in the ever-expanding tech market, and enjoy the benefits of a startup lifestyle without the fears of working for an unstable company? If that sounds appealing, FloQast may have a position for you. […]

what is a homebuilder

What Is a Homebuilder, and Why Should Accountants Work For One?

I’m interviewing Megan Scheiderich, director of internal audit at PulteGroup. If you didn’t know, PulteGroup is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious homebuilders. So I have to open the interview with THE question. One of those questions you dread asking because the answer is so obvious and self-evident. But you have to ask […]

These 10 Accounting and Finance Jobs Are Hot, Hot, Hot

So say the folks at recruiting firm CyberCoders, so plan your career accordingly: In 2018, the CyberCoders data shows that the most in-demand accounting and finance position is financial advisor, with an average salary of $85,860, followed by loan officer at $68,000 and tax supervisor with an average salary of $96,944. The job of financial […]

big 4 promotion senior manager partner

To Partner or Not to Partner: That Is the Senior Manager’s Question

A while back, a Big 4 senior manager reached out to share his plight. In short, this person told us making partner in a big firm is nothing but a game; tn this person’s words, “[There’s a] Game of Thrones-esque BS that goes on in the firm as people try to jockey to be promoted […]

remote working

Embracing Remote Accountants Can Benefit Your Business

Remote working is on the rise. In 2016, 22% of American employees did at least some of their work from home. And for those with advanced degrees over the age of 25, the number is even higher—a full 43% reported working remotely at least some of the time. It may feel natural to some accounting […]

horne joey havens

Accounting: Is Our Client Experience Future-Ready?

Earlier this year I read an article in CFO that brought pause. Actually, it brought a lot of pause and for two distinct reasons. Not because I didn’t agree, but because I so definitively did agree. First, what struck me was that this major influencer, among our profession’s key stakeholders (CFOs and Controllers), was telling […]

transaction services

Should You Make the Switch to Transaction Services?

I’m not too far removed from Big 4 Audit. I remember what it was like. There were some aspects of it that were appealing: I enjoyed having a mix of projects and clients. I worked with a lot of great people. But the thing is, I knew about three months into my audit career that […]

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Accounting Firms Need to Change Their Approach to Managing Millennials, Or Else

With so many articles written about how to manage millennials, what’s wrong with millennials, etc., it’s easy to assume that there is something difficult about the millennial generation. Some say it’s the millennials’ fault for being so damn entitled and not showing respect for the “way things are done” while others say it is a […]

Assurance Dimensions timesheets auditing

Like Auditing But Hate Timesheets? This Florida Firm Wants You

Ah, the timesheet. Not the CPAs worst enemy, but certainly in the top five. You already know why timesheets are such a pain, but just to torture you a bit, here are the reasons we don’t like them: They’re (ironically?) time-consuming to fill out They punish CPAs who work quickly, regardless of the value of […]

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Are Résumés Obsolete in Public Accounting?

Okay, maybe not quite obsolete, but they absolutely should be. Résumés don’t convey much. Did you work Big 4 or not? Did you have a high GPA in college? They’re the only truly socially-acceptable way to brag about an award or study abroad experience. Beyond that, a résumé isn’t very helpful. You can tell by […]

biting co-worker

If You Find Yourself Biting a Co-worker, Maybe It’s Time to Find Another Job

I’m sure some of you work in dreadful conditions. Sure, you still have access to running water and a toilet, but sometimes it’s the mental and emotional toll that makes for of a terrible work environment. Now, before we let you all loose on your own personal stories of workplace horror, let’s enjoy the story […]

whole foods cfo amazon

Whole Foods CFO Is Going to Be Fine

Don’t you hate it when you start a new job and then, seemingly out of nowhere, another company comes along to buy your employer, likely eliminating the need for your position? And don’t you hate it when that all goes down and you pull in a few million for your trouble? That’s what Whole Foods […]

donald trump big 4 trade war

Are You Working for a Donald Trump?

Oh, Mike. You don’t know what’s coming. By now, you’ve probably heard the news that President Trump asked FBI Director James Comey to end an investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. In a memo, Comey wrote that Trump said, “I hope you can let this go.” This is problematic because presidents are not […]


Is There Anything Worse Than Busy Season? Yes, Performance Reviews

Please enjoy this sponsored content from Beech Valley Solutions. You can read more their partnership with Accountingfly here. Cancer, terrorists, undigested corn – all significantly worse than busy season. But what about within the confines of public accounting? Is there anything worse than busy season? Yes, and it’s formal professional feedback. A late 2015 survey […]


Reorganization – What to Do When You Get a New Boss

Pray you don’t end up with this guy. Sooner or later it happens. Your company gets acquired, the division is closed or senior management announces a reorganization. Welcome to the “New Normal” where loyalty is a negative. You are back to your first day at a new firm. Adjusting can be tough, but with effort, […]


Considering an MBA? 3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself

Please enjoy this sponsored content from Beech Valley Solutions. I’ve never been water-boarded (I keep begging my wife…), but I’m guessing it’s a lot like busy season. I’d say just about anything to make it stop…like, “maybe I should get my MBA?”. Should you? Maybe (probably not). It truly depends on a series of questions […]

How to Prepare an Exit From Public Accounting Into a Government Position

This is sponsored content brought to you by American University. Let’s face it, sometimes your chosen career path just isn’t what you imagined: The challenge of the job fades, the income doesn’t quite equal the time expended, the sexiness of working for a big firm didn’t last. And sometimes you just hate your job and […]


Can Starting Over Lead to a Better Balance of Career Ambition and Lifestyle?

Need some career advice? Email Rachel at rachel@rethinkninetofive.com and your question may be featured on Going Concern. I feel like the traditional accounting career paths are getting a bit stale. In my experience, it seems accountants are always trading career risk with a poor work/life balance. For example, you can land a partner-track public position […]


Recently I have started a spring tax internship at a mid tier firm. I chose tax because I enjoyed my tax class at school and figured that tax would be a little more intellectually challenging/interesting to me than audit. In the first few weeks it has seemed like all tax is is just data entry. […]

Burned Out

I have been with my current employer two years and feel it's slowly killing me. The reason I left public accounting was because I was tired of the hours and the office politics. However, I always felt that my co-workers and managers were very knowledgeable and worked great as a team. My current employer has […]

Good Questions to Ask Potential Candidates during Career fair

I'm going to be doing Spring recruiting for my company and can't find much online on ice breakers or questions to ask from a recruiting manager's perspective.  Any ideas?  The pressure should be on them but just in case I get stuck with a socially inept student with no one else around ATM, I'd like […]

Law to Big4 – What am I qualified for?

I have an undergraduate degree in accounting, a JD and an LLM in tax.  I currently practice law at a small transactional law firm in the midwest (8 lawyers).  I have decided that I don't much care for the small town life and wish to relocate to an urban area.  The legal market in urban […]

Insider Trading Legal?

One of the big changes I'm hoping for under President Trump is the elimination for silly insider trading laws. Mr. Trump continues to tweet about individual U.S. companies, causing their stock prices to skyrocket or crash. I'm pretty sure that Mr. Trump, or his friends and family, are profiting from this bigly. Do you think […]

Employment with ex audit client

All, I was wondering what you guys think would be an FROR (financial reporting oversight role) at a company. I am leaving my firm to join a former (public) client of mine (participated in the FY15 audit, but not in FY16 audit which is filing next month). I am joining them in a IT audit […]

Big 4 Layoffs

There seems to be a lot of talk about Deloitte and EY laying off first and and second year associates across the South and Southeast.  Strangely, no much reporting or discussion though.  Anyone know whats going on?

Advice for a non-traditional student

I have a BA in a non-accounting major and am currently taking the prereq's at a community college to be able to sit for the CPA exam. Last year I started an internship at a tiny business management firm. I've learned how to work with Datafaction and that's basically it. I do a lot of […]

Advice for recent grad

Hi all, I finally completed undergrad and I plan to begin the process of obtaining my CPA license (submitting trsncripts, application and fees, etc.).  I don't have a job waiting for me and applied to many jobs  and a couple of internships thorugh indeed and LinkedIn.  I got one phone interview with a private industry […]

Larger Firm or Stay Put

I am 25 and am finishing up my first year as a staff accountant at a small firm (15 people total) in Kansas City. Once I hit the experience requirement I will have my CPA. Most of what I have done this year is in tax with a small amount in audit. They say I […]

Big 4 accountants or auditors with ADHD?

Please refer back to the blog : ADHD in audit? JayCoiner    May 2014 This is a really honest account of Big 4 audit stress aggrevated by ADHD.  I have ADHD and have also worked in Big 4 audit, it is frustrating because you have the qualifications but paying attention on the job is next […]

B4 Tax Services in Greenwich, Connecticut

Can anyone introduce a little bit about B4 Tax Services in Greenwich, CT? I know it is home to many financial service companies. And Starwood's headquarter is in Stamford, CT. 1. What are the sizes of tax teams in Greenwich? 2. What are sizes of the engagements in financial service and/or real estate? What client […]

What If I Don’t Know Anything? (Intl Tax)

I majored in accountancy as an undergrad, earned a MAcc with a concentration in tax at a top program, got my CPA license, and then started work in the international tax practice of a Big 4 firm's Atlanta office, where I've been for a little over a year now. I thought I'd feel more comfortable […]

Tax Intern at Mid Tier vs Finance/Business at Startup

Hey everybody, Currently deciding between pursuing a summer tax internship at a midtier firm or a financial analyst/business strategy internship at a Startup. for the startup I will be working under a CPA so this will give me the 1 year of experience to get my CPA as well.  If anybody has some feedback on […]

Big 4 IT Advisory and MBA?

Hey, thanks for visiting. I'm currently working in the IT Advisory department of one of the Big4 firms (as a Senior Consultant), and was hoping to do a part-time MBA. My aspirations are to work for an F10 IT firm later in my career at a managerial/senior position because frankly, I don't want to be […]

Haunting mistake

In the fall of 2011, I was about 19 years old, fairly new in college, and seriously confused about what I wanted to do in my life.  I got into an arguement with another classmate about a paper we were writing.  The arguement eventually escalated into a small fight, he "bucked" at me, I responded […]

How to Handle a Mistake After Receiving Offer From Big 4

Ed. note: A conundrum for the mailbag. Need advice? Email us at advice@goingconcern.com. To whom it may concern – I was recently charged with a DUI-D (driving under the influence of marijuana) in a southern US state a week after accepting an offer from a Big 4 firm for Advisory. (I know this is a […]

Small firm experiences?

Hi all, I'm looking for some advice about returning to public accounting in a small firm setting.  I graduated with a BA in Accounting in 2008 and have been a licensed CPA since 2010.  I worked as a staff accountant for a very small CPA firm (4 accountants) for 1.5 years and didn't mind the […]

Thinking about switching jobs (debating between back office or FAAS)

I am debating between two opportunities right now and hope someone can give me some advice: – Back office role at a major investment bank – FAAS Senior at EY I am leaning towards EY because I would like to be on the revenue side instead of the expense side of my employer's IS. But […]

Should I switch jobs?

I have taken an unconventional path to becoming an accountant.  Years ago I graduated with a Marketing degree and got a job in retail management which looked incredibly promising.  Unfortunately, I determined that retail sucks and after eight years went back to school to get an accounting degree.  Because I had a full time job […]

PwC Discover – What to expect

Those of you who have been..what it is really like there? Therapy? Kool-aid drinking? Debauchery? All of the above? 

Switching to Advisory

Hello all, I am currently set to do an audit internship with one of the Big 4 next summer, but I am starting to discover that audit is not the right career path for me, due to its irreconcilable conflicts with my personal values. I know that I am not interested in tax, and I […]

Where to go from here…

I am in the process of searching for my next job opportunity. I feel that I have done the same thing the last several years and there is not growth opportunities where I am at due to limited promotional opportunities for the next decade. I ideally want more diversification/travel/responsibility. With that I specifically want to […]

Small sweatshop to B4?

Good(?) citizens of GC: I've put in more than a year now at a small, minimum wage tax sweatshop in Northeast Ohio.  After battling QuickBooks, 1040s, and even a few 1120s, I obtained my CPA and progressed in salary from $30K to $41K. Now, the question is, would any B4 give me an interview based […]

Left B4 for mid-tier, did I screw up?

Hi Everyone, I recently left a B4 firm as an assurance senior for a mid-tier firm at the same position. While going through the interview process I was told that I would be working on larger clients and would not be working on Healthcare/NFP. I am in my 3rd week here and have finally gotten […]

Need Advice on Experienced Hire of NYC B4

I want to move to NYC and join one of the big four and I need advice on what I need to do to make it happen. I am a 2-year tax associate in a regional public accounting firm on east coast. I am not a senior yet, since my current employer requires at least 3 […]

Mid-Career Crisis?

Hello Esteemed GC contributors and commentators: I feel like I'm at a crossroad at the moment in my career and wanted some input from your POVs.  Sorry for the long post! Facts: 1. I've survived thus far without Big4 on my resume for the better portion of a decade in my accounting career here in […]

Where to go from here? Recruiting help.

I am hoping to receive some advice as to what I should do in my current position. I am a MAcc student at a large school that is consistently ranked in the top 40 programs. I was a pretty average student undergraduate (around 3.0 for both GPAs). I'm not super proud of my undergrad GPAs […]

I got final interview inviting email from PWC. Would you give me some advice?

Hi, Folks. I made a job offer posting a few month ago. Right now I work at Ryan LLC in Dallas office. I start work at here on last month, and I kept applying to BIg4 as entry level associate. Because I believe big4 experience will help me to build a good career path for […]

What’s the word on applying to a job at a client?

Just noticed a position that opened up at one my clients that I'm really interested in.  I've worked on this client pretty much the entire time I've been with my firm (just over 3 years), and not really sure what the risks/repurcussions are.  I don't interact with any of the individuals within this particular business, […]

The Best Office Swag $1G Can Buy

Ok, so here we go.  In an effort to boost morale at my Company (note morale is generally OK, but we're in the energy business and energy sucks right now), someone in TPTB decided to give each of our 4 "Office pods" (there are 2 "pod" on two different floors in our building) $1,000 to […]

Rookie Questions

So I am a new hire and have yet to reach my upcoming start date, however, before I start, I had a few questions of alot of the lingo that gets tossed around in our industry and how alot of things work. I know that every year during compensation season, ratings are given to employees […]

Sponsored: The CFO Track Demands More Skills Than Ever

Have you considered changing your career track or expanding your skills profile? Please enjoy this sponsored content from Georgetown University about their Masters of Finance program. If you’re an ambitious accounting professional, you might have the title of CFO on your career bucket list. Chief financial officers are quickly becoming the most indispensable and sought […]

How to get a good job for a 1 year experience tax associate

Dear goingconcern community, I'm currently looking for an experienced tax position in public accounting firms, hopefully the big 4. Just got my CPA license for Washington State and moved to California. My one year tax experince focused on small business, S-Corps, partnerships, LLCs and individuals. I also handled lots of IRS notices and some IRS […]

Join Us for an Exclusive Webinar Featuring Facebook’s Controller

Accountingfly’s Meet The Firms Week is coming to an internet near you from Monday, October 3rd, to Friday, October 7th. There will be five great webinars to check out including Facebook controller Matt Banks who will be presenting “How I Became Controller at Facebook.” Going Concern interviewed Matt earlier this year and now you’ll have […]

Come over as “senior” to a Big 4.

I'm a senior person in a consultive technical specialty. I'm being recruited to go to a big 4 firm to start a department. How flexible are big 4 firms on starting high up the food chain in title and salary? I'm making over 300k now and don't want to go backwards – should I be asking […]

Career Advice in Industry

Hello, So I started my career in internal audit right out of school and I am now a senior with 2.5 years experience. I have thrived in my group thus far, earning great ratings and reviews. However, the fortune 50 company I work for is implementing strict expense and hiring policies due to low earnings. […]

Big 4 Career Direction

Hey Everyone, I have a question about getting expeience in the Big4. I'm in tax and have become more and more focused on individuals. I have a few major partnerships and like…2 small corporate provisions as well, but the majority of my experience is coming from individuals. My issue is, I don't want to be pigeon holed […]

Did a first round interview with Deloitte

I would like to share some of my 30-minute telephone interview experience i had last Friday. I applied for an entry level Transfer Pricing position. Started with tell me about yourself. I said I wanted to explain why switch career from audit (I was an auditor in China before.) to tax especially TP, then talked […]

Federal Taxation or SALT?

Graduation looms! December will be here in no time. As I'm already knee-deep into the recruting and job search process, I've recently made the decision that I would rather work in Tax than Audit or Advisory (if I go Big 4/national where I'll have to choice a specific practice). My question is, should I pursue […]

Multistate nook

 Hi all, I am working for one of big 4 firms an I have a question for you all. I am looking for a book that can help me understand state corporate income tax compliance with "exercise or practice prblem" Do you have any recommendation?   

Is employee-manager gap common at all big four firms?

I am relatively new to one of the big four firms. After joining the team for several months as a senior, I noticed the gap between seniors/staff and managers or above in many ways. There are bonding activities among seniors/staff, but managers or above never joined or were invited. I came from a small priviate […]

PCAOB Boomerangs

Has anyone gone to work for the PCAOB and then boomeranged back to big 4? Curious about the experience and the new "Director of Risk" positions some of these people are placed into. 

Should I go back to Midtier?

Left my midtier firm because they didn't have the clients I wished to work on, for a big 4 firm.  I really loved the culture and people at the mid tier firm but just needed to leave to develop myself further.  The midtier firm has since asked me to come back as they have built […]

Should I stay to get my Attest License?

I am working at a local CPA firm and I haven't passed my CPA exams yet.  However, I have been working here over 1.5 years and my general license working hours have been signed off! I really don't like auditing and want to leave strongly.  However, a lot of people told me that I should […]

Skipped on salary increase from A1 to A2. Is this a sign I shall quit?

Just came out from the comp call meeting with partner and I was informed that I will not get salary increase from A1 to A2 because of poor performance. Is this another way that tells me that "you shall quit"?

Transferring offices just to leave soon after

Short version:  Senior on the East Coast, looking to move to the West Coast, but eager to GTFO of public.  Have been applying to positions in my city of choice, but most employers are looking for someone local.  I'm not in a position to move without a job lined up.  What's your opinion on transferring […]

Listed on cpas.net review site – didn’t join….

Hello! Ran across a website (www.cpas.net) where I was listed (as well as several others at my firm). The site had my contact info and specialities and a spot for people to leave reviews. Wondering if anyone has claimed a profile with them or if it's worth it? We could probably do with the lead […]

Should I leave or wait?

Should I leave now, or wait until next year for the Senior Manager promotion/job title? I am not sure it makes a big difference. Has any of you made the same move and wished you would've waited?  

Senior wanting to transfer practices

I was hired as a senior for the state and local tax practice of a public accounting firm. I'm more interested in the high net worth/family office areas of tax. My questions are:   1. Is it too late to make a switch as a senior who is about a year and a half away […]

Resignation Letter

So, I just received an offer from a Big 4 company (I work at a smaller regional firm now), but my start date is not until October 3, 2016. I am trying to determine the appropriate time to notify my current firm that I will be leaving. Should I let them know soon (like next […]

Dying in audit internship

My audit internship at one of the Big4 is making me reconsidering joining audit after graduating. Any advice on any other lines to follow beside audit? 

private practice

any advice on how to move from a salaried CFO to a private practice that is working as an entrepreneur as a Certified Accountant; How would you recommend attracting clients.

Midtier to Midtier

I am an audit associate with 1.5 years experience and currently at a Midtier firm. I am unhappy with my current firm due to our office culture and politics and thinking of either switching to one of the other Midtier  firms in town or going into private. If I was to switch to the other […]

Where do I go now?

I'm a recent graduate from small university in Kansas. I got my Master degree in accounting and I passed 3/4 of the CPA exam last week. I will try to get it done in the next 3 month sor so. My GPA is about 3.6. Here come the problem, during college time, I didn't do a good […]

JD/MBA Backdoor

Has anyone heard or thought about applying for a JD/MBA program as a way of increasing your chances of getting into a top MBA – I hear adcoms weigh managment expereince to a lessor extent for JD/MBA applicants. Big time cons include the general uselessness of a JD/MBA, an additional year of school, and $75-150K […]

What does consulting do?

I'm a senior auditor at a regional top 25 firm and i'm looking for something new. I noticed a few openings for a consulting position at a mid-tier firm. What exactly do they do, and how different is it from being a senior assurance associate?

Professional Organizations to Join

I have recently met all of the requirements to get my CPA license in South Carolina apart from taking the AICPA's ethics exam.  Which professional organizations would you reccomend I join to get the most out of my license? Also, it appears that there a lot of different requirements to maintain your license (CPE's, fees, […]

Going from regional firm to Big Four

I am a S2 at a regional firm looking to go Big Four. Would the big four bump me down to the S1 level given my experience is with a much smaller firm? My clients are larger for the size of firm, mainly $100M-$9B in annual revenue, I have SEC experience but am not sure […]

Applying to positions where you don’t meet the minimum experience?

How serious are companies about enforcing the "required years of experience" on job listings? I am a B4 auditor wanting to make the jump to industry. I am a CPA, but there are tons of listings for staff/senior accountants that require 3-5 years of experience, which seems ridiculous to me. If i send them a […]

“Experienced Staff” compensation?

Hi Everyone, I currently work in the tax department of a fortune 500 company in a very large metropolitan area.  I am essentially at entry-level, with my title being "Tax Accountant," though we don't hire anyone without a few years experience.  I am 35 and have only recently re-entered the tax world, having left PwC […]

How to interview

Hello, I am looking for suggestions on how to manage interviews for a new job while being scheduled to be at a client. I am tax senior in a mid-size DC/MD public firm and want to assess my options towards moving to a larger (probably not big 4) public accounting firm around NoVa but I've […]

M&A Due Diligence Differences Amongst Big 4

I have an offer to join another Big 4 M&A analytics group. It came unexpectedly but I am happy it did.  I let my current job know that I got this offer i was going to think about and now they are saying they will see about creating a similar position for me at the […]

Accounting Advisory and Valuation Questions

I'm hoping to learn about possible options (other than audit/tax) for a graduate who is hoping to join one of the big 4. Specifically, I'd like to hear from those who have experience with accounting advisory and valuation positions- how you like your job and the possible exit opportunities associated with each. Students have gone the […]

Career advice- jump from associate to senior

Hello, Had a quick question for you guys. I have been an audit associate at a midsize firm for almost 2 years, and recently got promoted to experienced staff. This came with a pay increase obviously. I applied for a senior audit role at a larger firm a week later, and was offered the position. So […]

Moving From Industry to Firm

I am a BBA undergrad student working in industry as a receivables clerk. I currently make 70k a year and am quite happy with that considering my role and responsibilities. I know there is room for advancement within this company once I finish my BBA in accounting and I will also persue my CPA designation. […]

Internal Audit at big 4

I currently work in external audit at a big 4 firm. I am considering switching to internal audit at another firm, but wanted to hear other's perspective on this.  I haven't met anyone from my current firm that works in this line of service, so I want to see if someone could provide me with […]

City Government Interview

I have an interview with a governmental entity coming up for a Senior Accountant position, and I was just wondering if anyone had any tips to improve my interviewing skills for their oral board examination. I interviewed with this entity before for a lower level position, and while I thought the interview went well, I […]

From industry accounting to consulting / banking?

Hey guys it's SZHB5 again, After getting dinged by every single public accounting firm on the surface of the planet, I managed to find an offer from private industry starting at 50k with steady promotion. However, I heard the ceiling in industry will be low without big 4 experience, and obviously I will never get […]

H-1B International Transfer

Hi all,   I'm an international student starting in big 4 advisory on OPT. Given the current H-1B situation, there's a high chance that I won't be selected through the visa lottery. Anyone know what generally happens to people in this situation? What's the likelihood of being transferred to mature markets such as London, HK, […]

B4 to non accounting roll?

I have completed two years as an audit associate at a b4, promoted to senior now, and I'm looking to leave before season. I am licensed. I do not want to kill my accounting career. I also want to have the security of the ability to come crawling back to b4/regional within the next 3 […]

Office Changes

Ok gang this is my first post here. I'm in need of advice from others in the industry. I am starting this fall at a big 4 firm however, I found out last week of some family complications that may require me to move offices. I've seen posts in the past about wanting to change […]

From slave to “respectable” in a year?

Enlightened masses of GC: Previously I told you about my journey into public accounting with a small firm in Cleveland, OH.  No prior accounting experience, CPA exams passed.  I do primarily bookkeeping and tax work for small businesses.  I started at $30K, after 6 months I got a bump to $37.5K.  Now, after almost a […]

Career Direction – Top 10 Assistant Manager: Public B4 vs Industry

In need of advice. Professional background: Top 10 Assistant Manager 9 yrs experience:  5 1/2 years public practice experience plus 4 yrs prior to public practice in industry, managing small business logistics International audit experience in Canada, and the Caribbean, under IFRS and US GAAP Strong performance track record, excellent technical and soft skills Long term goals: […]

Chicago Starting Salary

Anyone know what the Big 4 starting salaries are for the incoming class?

EY Advisory Risk vs. Performance Improvement

Hi GC, I'm trying to understand the difference between Risk and Performance Improvement within the FSO Advisory practice. Could you let me know what the daily work/life entails as a staff and senior consultant? Are the work hours long similar to audit and tax? Does advisory have a busy season or more focused on projects […]

EY’s FIDS practice (Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services Practice)

Hello all! I hope this post finds everyone doing marvelous. I am an incoming staff at EY. I'll be in the tax practice in one of the major markets in a northeast office. I recently gained interest in joining the firm's FIDS practice in the near future (wanted to put some good ol hard work […]