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Help a Puzzled Audit Supervisor

I am an audit supervisor with a large regional CPA firm in the northeast. I have a CPA license, a MAcc, and approximately 6.5 years of experience. I have exposure to numerous industries, though I do not really care for the industries I have fallen into. If I continue doing what I am doing, I could be a manager in approximately one year.  My coworkers, superiors, and clients love me. Over the past year or so, I have begun to feel significantly burnt out due to a variety of reasons. 
I think the latest batch of recruiter emails have finally gotten to me. Though I generally like my job, not the majority of my busy season work, I feel like I need a change in scenery to stay happy.  I think I may get better exit opportunities and more money if I stay I public accounting until I get the manager title. I wanted to get your thoughts on what you think I should do. 
Option 1 – Stay at Big Regional until I get the manager title and then run like hell. 
Option 2 – Recruiters from Big Four firms have reached out to me and are interested in bringing me in at a manager role. I would need to interview, but I don't anticipate that bring a problem. I think having Big Four experience would spice up the resume for something down the road. I realize I would have to work a metric shit ton of hours, but I feel I could stay fresh for at least a couple more years. 
Option 3 – I could go to a smaller CPA firm and be a big fish in a small pond. I have previously worked at one of these firms. I like working at a bigger firm, but could get used to this environment again. 
Option 4 – GTFO. Get a job in private. Live happily ever after. Be bored with career, but at least I finally have something resembling work-life balance(TM). 
If I go to another CPA firm I could probably last at least a few years. I genuinely like public accounting. Yes I am weird.  
What do you think internet?
Very truly yours,