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Risky Career Conversation

So I’m very interested in technology, analytics, and reporting. Not so much on the other nuts and bolts of accounting. My current position is poised to become the assistant controller as long as I pass the CPA exam. While passing is a goal, I don’t want to continue on the controllership pathway.

Long term, I see myself getting into business analytics, business intelligence, or becoming a data engineer. I have no aspirations to become controller or CFO. They just don’t interest me.

The Controller said they once had a “techy” person who learned languages on the fly and would provide either analysis or solutions to her group. Earlier today, they said that they would probably need to hire a “programmer”. I’ve translated this as someone who can write SQL, produce reports, code in VBA, etc. These are the things I am interested in!

Our current CFO has been pushing for me to learn new technologies since he knows I have the skill. It’s the Controller that is pretty hellbent on keeping me put.

How much risk do I put myself in if I let them know I am more inclined to fill that role than of my current and future role? I’d want to try to sell her on the idea of being a business systems analyst for our ERP/Revenue/Payroll/BI systems.