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Deloitte Criminal Background Section Missing?

I received an offer and application for an Audit Assistant position at Deloitte. I have noticed that there is no "Criminal Background" section on the application for a background check. I also noticed that since Deloitte in the US is headquartered in New York, they have a law with increased protection for individuals with criminal convictions. I do have misdemeanors that are unrelated to the job, but I am wondering if it is still in my best interest to disclose them even when the application no longer asks for convictions of any kind.

Also, why does the application not include this anymore? Has Deloitte stopped running a criminal check on their background investigations? This the the first application in my life that I have seen that has not included a question about criminal convictions. I have also reviewed a friend's application (with their permission of course) and the question is not on their application either. The prospective office is in Phoenix.