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Footnotes: HP to Sue Deloitte; Future King of Accounting Makes Plans; Very Bad Accountants | 08.25.14

This Irish lad has high hopes of striking it rich in accounting He might consider slumming it for PwC if he must: "My preferences are KPMG, Deloitte and Accenture," said Peter, who would also consider working for Ernst and Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers. [Irish Independent]

HP is going to sue Deloitte over Autonomy Hewlett-Packard plans to sue the British unit of Deloitte over its role in auditing Autonomy Plc, the software company HP acquired but later accused of inflating financial figures, a lawyer for the U.S. company said in court on Monday. [Reuters]

Cutting the Corporate Tax Would Grow Other Problems [NYT]

Another accountant behaving badly "I made bad decisions," she said. " I hurt people who did not deserve to be hurt." [GoErie]

And still another accountant behaving badly This one stole from orphans [news24]

Napa quake losses may reach $4 billion, report says [LA Times]

DOJ attorneys suggest 'lost' Lerner emails likely still exist Still on this, are we? [Fox]

Can you blame Grover Norquist for the fact that Burning Man is shut down? [Valleywag]