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GT’s Chipman Will Stick Around Until the End of 2014 To Find a New Yet Equally Dynamic CEO

We need to clarify this situation before people start claiming everyone at GT is going to be fired and replaced with humanoids and/or shapeshifting lizards. As far as we know, that is not happening so just relax. What is happening is Stephen Chipman is aiming to hit the door at the end of 2014.

Here are the details (we're going to skip the self-serving part where GT brags about how Chipman was committed to dynamic-ness and growth but not pinstripes because those don't win dontchaknow):

The Grant Thornton LLP Partnership Board announced that it extended Stephen Chipman’s term as chief executive officer. This will result in Chipman serving a five-year tenure as chief executive.

“Stephen’s leadership has successfully guided Grant Thornton through one of the most challenging times of our profession and our economy, and today we are the strongest of any time in our 89-year history,” said Dave Wedding, chairman of the Partnership Board of Grant Thornton. “His management has allowed Grant Thornton to not only find solid footing but make transformational changes on a number of fronts that position the firm for long-term success and better serve our dynamic clients.”

The Chips doesn't say what dynamic instinct for growth awaits him post-GT but he does seem grateful for the time he spent there and will be there to help find an equally dynamic CEO to follow in his own dynamic footsteps:

“It is a tremendous privilege to serve our partners as CEO and I am honored that the Partnership Board has asked me to extend my tenure though [sic] December 31, 2014. As the conclusion of my term draws near, I will evaluate new opportunities in line with my personal and professional goals,” said Chipman. “I am proud to lead our talented people and continue down the path of progress with our firm’s clear strategy.”

The Partnership Board will commence a succession process in the new calendar year and intends to appoint a new CEO in a timely manner to allow for an orderly transition period.

“One of the most important processes for any organization is to have an effective CEO succession process with the full support of the incumbent CEO; therefore, I’m grateful that Stephen will assist us in the process,” added Wedding. “We will seek a CEO-elect who can build off of our very strong market position that Stephen has contributed to and off of the Grant Thornton global network’s vision of serving dynamic organizations in our chosen markets.”

SO. Yes, he's leaving. NO, he's not getting tossed out on his dynamic ass. We're hearing things but nothing concrete so if someone out there has something to say, speak now or forever STFU.

Oh and for those keeping score at home, total instances of "dynamic" in the press release = 3. Just between us, even one is too many for these guys.