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Footnotes: Bad News For BlackBerry; Twitter IPOooooh; Some Race Car Dude Owes A Ton to IRS | 11.04.13

Report: Juan Pablo Montoya disputing IRS claim, $2.7 million in taxes [Sporting News]

This tweet about a lame dog breeder getting hated on by the Tax Court just made my day [Twitter]

LOL CNBC [The Market Ticker]

Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay $2.2 billion in a drug marketing settlement, according to the DoJ [Washington Post]

BlackBerry Abandons Effort to Sell Itself; C.E.O. to Step Down [DealBook]

Twitter's IPO might debut higher than initially expected because, well, they can [Bloomberg]

How a marijuana tax compares to other "sin" taxes [USA Today]

AIG might sue Morgan Stanley [Reuters]

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