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Rejoice, IPA Has Dropped Its List of ‘Best of the Best’ Public Accounting Firms

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The ranking enthusiasts at INSIDE Public Accounting have dropped their much-anticipated 2023 Best of the Best list and because there’s nothing we at Going Concern love more than a dickrevenue-measuring contest, we are thrilled to share the results with you. First, let’s get the “what even is this list” explanation out of the way. Best of the Best is not to be confused with the IPA 500 which is also a ranking of firms by revenue but completely different from that ranking.

Ranked on more than 50 metrics, these top performers produce superior financial and operational results while maintaining a solid foundation for growth, ensuring clients and staff alike a successful future.

Chosen from 600 U.S. and Canadian firms that participated in IPA’s 33rd Practice Management Survey, the 2023 IPA Best of the Best come in all sizes, ranging from $3.2 million to $1.6 billion in net revenue. In addition to the 60 Best of the Best firms with net revenue of $10 million or more, IPA has also named 10 Best of the Best firms under $10 million, as well as five high-performing Canadian firms, ranging in size from $9.5 million to $48.9 million in net revenue. As has been the case for the last three decades, Best of the Best firms take different approaches to running their businesses to thrive within a constantly shifting economic environment.

“These forward-thinking firms have faced an unprecedented labor shortage and economic uncertainty, but they keep their focus despite the headwinds,” says Charles Hylan, managing director at The Growth Partnership. “They don’t sacrifice long-term gains for short-term wins.”

Of the 60 firms that appear in the “Best over $10 million” category we’re only going to hit the first ten sorted by highest revenues for the sake of brevity. FORVIS is the real star here as the only firm on the list to top more than a billion in revenue ($1,685,539,000).

INSIDE Public Accounting Best of the Best firms 2023
Firm Net Revenue
FORVIS $1,685,539,000
Armanino $577,761,602
WithumSmith+Brown $519,847,000
Aprio $317,265,000
Sikich $316,397,417
Weaver $254,703,560
Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt $232,842,492
Whitley Penn $189,596,360
Frazier & Deeter $144,800,000
Kaufman Rossin $130,246,000

Montreal’s Demers Beaulne came in top by revenue of the Canadians at $48.9 million and Houston’s Aycock & Company narrowly missed the over ten million category at $9.4 million. You can see those categories along with the rest of the list here.

Congrats to all except the web designers who will be tasked with plopping a low-res “Best of the Best” graphic somewhere on the firm’s website.

IPA Unveils The 2023 Best of the Best Accounting Firms [INSIDE Public Accounting]

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  1. Any ranking of accounting firms that doesn’t have the Big 4 firms in the top 4 spots is a bunch of bullshit. I know it. Y’all know it. Everyone knows it (even all the employees of FORVIS).

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