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Going Concern March Madness: The Busy Season Survival Final — Booze vs. Excel, There Can Be Only One

Finally, the champions of the two Busy Season Survival regions — Food & Bevvie and Tech — will meet to crown the ultimate winner of GCMMBSSF&BvsT.

It's been a memorable tournament unless you've been committed to Team Booze in practice as well as voting. From coffee's disappointing performance to an inspired run by Email to the exciting OT match-up between the Hot Pockets that do belong to you and those that don't, it's been fun watching the reality of surviving busy season reflected in bracket form.

As for the final match-up, we should have seen this match-up coming since it's been a topic of discussion in busy seasons past. But after this, there will be no more debate; we'll finally know which of these staples makes busy season bearable year after year.

Get exctied! It's spirits versus sums! It's firewater versus functions! It's hooch versus hlookups! It's potent potables versus pivot tables! Vote your conscience. And then tell someone else to vote theirs. You have until 1 pm ET tomorrow.