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Does KPMG Lakehouse Have Hairdryers?

Not sure if Going Concern readers and random Googlers who end up in this sacred temple of Big 4 gossip are aware, but we can see the keywords you search prior to clicking through onto our site. And man, some of them are disturbing, due in part to the fact that we’ve written about questionable topics over the years like sex workers saying they’re accountants when people ask them what they do for a living and young women who preferred doing porn to going into Deloitte offices at 4 in the afternoon on a Sunday. The things you people Google, man.

The other day, I spotted a search I hadn’t seen before in our analytics and because part of our mission is to document the truth about working at Big 4 firms, we decided to investigate. This might be more investigative journalism than we’ve done in a long time so I certainly hope you appreciate it.

Excuse the potato-quality phone camera photo of my computer screen (a.k.a. Boomer Screenshot), I’m old.

The query: “does lakehouse kpmg have hair dryers”

We reached out to a KPMG spokesperson who, once ceasing their laughter at the stupidity of wasting their time on this question, told us:

Yes – there are hair dryers in Lakehouse rooms.

So there you go, random Googler. I hope this satisfies your curiosity. You can now go on with your life with the knowledge that your hair will never have to go damp at KPMG Lakehouse.

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