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Wake Forest Less Eager About Patting Itself on the Back for Amazing CPA Exam Pass Rate

They do so with a press release, naturally:

Students in the Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) program at Wake Forest University Schools of Business achieved the top pass rate in the nation on the Certified Public Accountant exam once again, according to the 2012 edition of Uniform CPA Examination Candidate Performance.

Wake Forest had the highest pass rate among 793 institutions with 10 or more candidates sitting for the exam, as well as the #1 pass rate for large programs (a total of 258 institutions with more than 60 candidates.)

Wake Forest students have earned the top ranking 10 times since the School began offering a Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) degree in 1997, more than any other university during the same time period.

“Having established a broad foundation in the liberal arts, built on that foundation through an intensive set of accounting courses and seminars, and put into practice what they’ve been learning in a professional internship with an accounting firm during the busiest time of the year, our students are thoroughly prepared to do well on the CPA exam and, as importantly, to do well in their careers,” said Jack Wilkerson, Senior Associate Dean of Accountancy Programs, Wake Forest University Schools of Business.

Now, if this were some Cal State school (no offense, my lovelies, just making a point), perhaps waiting 9 months to get around to recognizing the school's superiority might make sense because everyone knows Californians aren't ever in a rush to do anything. But this is Wake! NO SLACKING, GET ON THAT PRESS RELEASE PEOPLE!!

Last year, the NASBA Candidate Performance Book came out in October and Wake was on it almost immediately… or rather, by November. They then turned around and copied my article on the top CPA exam schools in the country without asking and slapped it up on their blog (conveniently not linking to the "which is better Georgetown or Wake Forest?" discussion I linked to in said article) but hey, at least they gave me credit. And left in the word "butthurt" which many of you know is not simply an innocent way to suggest someone is upset in certain circles.

Anyhoo, what Wake neglects to mention in their announcement this year – which they did point out last year – is their actual pass rate. In 2011, it was 84.6% for both first time and repeat exams (though most Wake grads pass the first time) and 88.4% for first time exams only. In 2010, Wake boasted a 96% pass rate for first time exams, 90.6% if you include repeats. 84.6% isn't bad at all and still beats everyone else in the entire country so why not whip it out and wave it in everyone's face while they're at it?

Oh well. Congrats a second time this year, Wake Forest, I'd very nearly forgotten how awesome you are and appreciate the reminder just in time for this year's candidate performance book to be released in a few months.