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After Being Told His CPA Exam Was Lost, One Candidate Gets Some Good News

Anyone remember the poor bastard who was told by NASBA that they lost his entire exam and would have to retake it? Well, he didn't retake it and somehow they managed to track down his missing exam somewhere between Prometric and the AICPA and guess what? He passed!

First of all, this candidate was abnormally cool about the whole thing. Can you imagine being told your FAR exam that you slaved away studying for and showed up to take came up missing and you'd have to retake it? Maybe I'm just unreasonable (I am) but news like that would make me go postal. This guy, however, maintained his cool, contacted his lawyer, hit up GC to get the word out and kept working toward a resolution. Seriously, I cannot begin to convey my admiration for this guy for keeping his cool under extreme duress. EXTREME DURESS, people.

Turns out NASBA was on his side and, according to the candidate, deserves quite a bit of credit for pressing the AICPA to retrieve and grade the missing test, which Prometric and the AICPA believed was either lost or corrupted.

Go figure, it must not have been since they ended up finding it, grading it and giving him a whopping 81. 81! You go, jilted candidate!

My consolation to the guy – knowing FAR is a beast – at the time he told me his exam was lost was that maybe he bombed it after all and a no-fee retake would be a blessing. But the candidate knew in his heart of hearts that he passed, even if the AICPA didn't, and continued to pressure all sides to track down his missing and/or corrupted exam so he could get the credit he earned.

"Essentially, with enough push back to them, in conjunction with my fairly sound reasoning for feeling that I likely passed, they told me they would keep working on it, and it clearly paid off," he told me.

Yay for happy endings?

Still, I want to know how this happened in the first place. What if he went to retake his exam thinking it was lost only to fail? Then what?

Whatever. On behalf of the Going Concern team: congratulations, abnormally laid-back candidate, we have the utmost respect for your bizarre calm and perseverance! We also want some of whatever drugs you're on, thanks.