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Footnotes: Charlie Gasparino’s Bright Idea; The Perks of Being a Communist; But There Were No Drones In Rome! | 12.05.13

Newly proposed IRS regulations fall far short [Congress Blog via The Hill]

Nelson Mandela is dead, and it's for real this time [NYT]

Just so "Jayne Kozvan" doesn't email me asking why we didn't cover this: a jury has cleared NIC CFO Steve Kozvan of securities fraud [KC Business Journal]

Charlie Gasparino Has An Idea [Dealbreaker]

Too bad Amazon wasn't founded in Caligula's Rome or they could just avoid this sales tax problem completely (?) [Bloomberg]

Best headline ever about a common scam: Hello? This is the IRS…Not [Fox Business]

Didja know… if you're a Communist, you don't have to pay Social Security taxes? [Forbes]

A bunch of Russian diplomats have been charged with Medicare fraud [NYT]

Twitter really doesn't allow enough characters for Francine to tell us how she really feels… good thing we know.

CEOs Make Final Pitch To Limit Scope of SEC's Pay Ratio Rule [Compliance Week]