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Problem of the Day: Boring Repetitive Work Papers

bored.jpgA reader pointed out a problem that plagues many of you in the number crunching universe: writing work papers, emails or other documentation that are incredibly boring and repetitive.
We’ll take that a step further and put it out there that speaking styles among accountants also take on a certain, shall we say, monotony.
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Nearly all accountants’ writing and speaking styles include these words or phrases:
• As such
• Notes
• Pretty straight forward
• Let me know if you have any questions
• Circle back
Clearly, accountants are not English majors. Short of putting a thesaurus on everyone’s desk, we’re not really sure how this can be remedied. Inserting the occasional curse word can add some shock value but this attempt to spice things up may be short-lived depending on your co-workers tolerance for vulgarity.
The list above is obviously not a complete one. Discuss in the comments the most annoying language that you see or hear on a daily basis and if you’ve got suggestions on how to make your day to day interaction more exciting, we’re all ears.