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Springing Forward to the End of Busy Season | 03.09.15

In case you haven't noticed, we've been combing Twitter the last few weeks to find the best (or is that the worst?) of busy season problems. From nightmares about spreadsheets to a completely jacked up circadian rhythm, things are getting rough out there. Of course, no more rough than previous busy seasons.

In years gone by, we've had neglected but necessary hygiene, accusations of prison food, and auditing through a tornado. It really doesn't get much worse than that last one. Or does it?

If you're having a worse busy season than that, tweet us your OSHA violation working conditions, disgusting cafeteria options, piles of half-finished Starbucks, and/or neglected cats/children/spouses that haven't seen your miserable face in weeks.

Don't worry — just like daylight savings time reminds us that winter is almost over, so does springing forward give us hope that busy season will be over soon. Until then, let's complain about it together. That's what we do, right?