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Footnotes: Accounting for Intangibles; You Remind Me of Crazy Eddie; Deloitte Digital’s New Offering | 08.28.14

Accounting for brands: Untouchable intangibles Accountants seem content to live with such quantum weirdness. Brand values can “swing wildly”, says Alan Teixeira of the International Accounting Standards Board. Standard-setters worry that auditors would be quick to recognise rises but slow to acknowledge declines. Brands are unique, so it is hard to figure out what their market value is. “How do you separate a brand from customers that generate the sales or the know-how that enables the product to be made?” wonders Hilary Eastman of PwC, an accounting firm. [The Economist]

Advice for no one who reads this website: how to turn off your inner overachiever [Fast Co]

#SMH [Twitter]

Tax Court Sides With IRS In Tax Treatment Of Frequent Flyer Miles Issued By Citibank [Forbes]

Funny, I get the same thing sometimes but I always assumed it's because I am shady and over-caffeinated [Twitter]

Deloitte Digital to offer social B2B and B2C consulting to Salesforce clients [MediaPost]

JPMorgan Boosts Customer Data Protections After Attack [Bloomberg]

Woman Working Four Part-Time Jobs Dies in Car While Trying to Nap [Gawker]