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10 People Not Cut Out to Be Partner

The following comes from CPA Trendlines:

QUESTION: My partner seems to always be out of sync with me, but my biggest pet peeve is that he never does what he says he will do.  Do you have any suggestions?

Respondent Ed Mendlowitz goes on to identify 8 types of people who are not cut out to be partners, with bonus control freaks and someone who skipped kindergarten:

(1) didn’t learn to share,

(2) dogmatists who always think they are right,

(3) someone who doesn’t like to compromise,

(4) someone who runs on his own clock,

(5) people who don’t feel they should have to account to anyone for their time or what they do,

(6) people who don’t like to or know how to delegate,

(7) those who do not understand the value of a collaboration, or you have

(8) a partner who is a “character.” 

Given the countless horror stories we've heard from the public accounting frontlines over the years, it's pretty safe to say this list does not even begin to map out even a small percentage of the types of people who are not cut out to be partners.

Among them:

  • narcissists
  • sociophobics
  • sociopaths
  • do as I say and not as I doers

The list goes on and on. Care to add a type?