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Accounting News Roundup: The Golden Age of Tax Avoidance; People Issues in Accounting; SEC Filing Tips for Crooks | 08.29.14

Businesses Are Winning Cat-and-Mouse Tax Game [DealBook]
You tax folks are really pulling your weight! "Across corporate America, companies large and small are finding new ways to address one of the business world’s oldest irritations: paying taxes. By exploiting existing loopholes and devising new ones, some of the country’s best-known companies are making it harder than ever for the federal government to replenish its already depleted coffers. As a result, business income tax revenue remains stagnant at about 2 percent of gross domestic product even as corporate profits hit records."

People Issues Are Major Challenges for Accounting [AT]

Good advice for burgeoning white-collar criminals:

5 Tips for Off-the-Cuff Speaking [HBR]
Keep it brief: " While it seems like the challenge of speaking with limited preparation would be finding enough to say, the opposite is often true. When at a loss for words, many of us underestimate the time we need — cramming in so many stories and points that we run well over our time and dilute our message. No one will appreciate your economy of words more than your listeners, so when in doubt, say less."

Baker Tilly in merger with Scottish firm [Accountancy Age]
Next step, the world!

SEC Charges Two Information Technology Executives With Mischaracterizing Resale Transactions to Increase Revenue [SEC]
This is the case that Commissioner Luis Aguilar got all bent out of shape about.

Woman Discovers Her Cat Has Been Keeping a Second, Secret Human Family [Gawker]
Could this happen to you?!

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