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To Whom It May Going Concern: You are Company Uncultured, Bro

This is the latest edition of our infrequent feature, To Whom It May Going Concern. Here we share some of the more, shall we say, interesting messages that come across the wire that just don't fit anywhere else. If you get the urge to tell us what you think about this here website, email [email protected] with "To Whom It May Going Concern" in the subject line, @ us on Twitter or just yell really loud and maybe we'll hear you. Just a reminder that all messages are considered on the record unless specified otherwise.

Welcome back to another edition of To Whom It May Going Concern. The cluttered ole inbox has been jam-packed with all kinds of nonsense and I'm high on cold pills, so let's get to it.

First, our unfounded rumor of the day:

BKD merging with Wolf Company in Chicago.  Not released yet.

Our tipster was not able to offer additional details and we haven't heard anything so, you know, if you know something we don't, do informate all of us please.

Then we have this disgruntled would-be KPMGer who took to LinkedIn to bitch about his lack of an offer. Protip: bitching at the poor intern who runs KPMG's LinkedIn page is so not fitting into the company culture, bro.

Our next gem comes courtesy a tipster who probably plays too much WoW but that's alright, we still like you:

Has no one compared EY's tagline "Building a better working world" to the evil mega-corp Weyland-Yutani's tagline "building better worlds" yet?

To our knowledge, no, no one has compared the two. But while we're at it…

OK, I don't watch movies so I don't even get the Alien reference but I'm sure this would be funny if I did. Wait, maybe I'm seeing it…

Next, we have an astute reader who took issue with my bold declaration that Greg Kyte is funny for a CPA:

Someone *coughAdriennecough* ought to road trip to see the South's Funniest Accountant, and see if someone down there can give Greg Kyte a run for his money.

Did I say Greg was the funniest? Maybe I did. No doubt there are funnier out there. Barry Melancon comes to mind.

Lastly, we have this person who reminds us we're hitting that target 12-year-old-in-an-adult-body demographic we aim to please:

I need to take a shit.

Please stop using the tip box for that.

Anyhoo! That's all we've got. If you've got hot gossip, odd observations, or just general bitching to share, do feel free to give us a holla. Operators are standing by. Well, not really standing by so much as sitting around.