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Don’t Make These Five Mistakes When Hunting for a New Job

Just like in life, when you're looking for a new job, it's easy to get in your own way. There are lots of ways you can sabotage yourself and Forbes has a baker's dozen of them. Here's a rundown of five that we think are the most likely to trip you up:  

1. Failing to dedicate the necessary time — Finding a job isn't as easy as losing one. It requires putting time into research, networking, telephone conversations, carefully crafted emails, and that could be all for a job that you don't have a serious chance of getting! Put more time into your job search and watch the doors open. 

2. Getting down on yourself — A positive mental attitude means everything to your success. That sounds hokie, we know, but that Tony Robbins BS really works! Rejection happens in all aspects of life and job hunting is no different. Pick yourself up, watch some old Stuart Smalley clips, and get back out there.

3. Letting yourself get distracted — The laundry piles up, Call of Duty beckons, kids demanding food, loved ones craving attention, DON'T LET THEM GET IN YOUR WAY. The distractions are many, the best job opportunities are few.

4. Just winging your résumé  — When was the last time someone looked at your CV? Uh huh, thought so. Have someone else take a look at it, especially if you know (s)he looks at a lot of them. Take that feedback, combine it with our Accountant's Definitive Guide to Building a Successful Résumé and then you'll be ready.

5. Not taking a break — "I need some space," your job search might say. All the job boards, emails, and networking might get you seeing blurry. Take a break every now and again during your search to recharge when you need it. 

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