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September 29, 2023

Going Concern Jobs

Four Tips to Avoid Being The Co-worker Everyone Hates

If you've resolved to change jobs this year, you'll soon find yourself being the new kind on the block. This situation is littered with pitfalls that can land you squarely in the "I hate that guy/gal."  That's not good! Fitting into a new work environment can always be tricky, so in order to avoid being […]

Being the Weird Job Candidate Has Its Advantages

How's this for a strategy in your next interview — be "the weird one." We're not suggesting you show up in jorts or dye your hair pink, but think about this way — most hiring managers will have a stack of CVs on their desk from candidates that have largely identical qualifications. Plenty of people […]

Too Busy to Search for a New Job?

All you need is literally 2 minutes (if that) of your time to fill out an online form with your desired job type, industry, location and salary requirements.

Three Ways to Cope with a Hellish Work Environment

God forbid you end up in a work environment that more resembles Hell than a place of business, but just in case you've found yourself in the corporate equivalent of the Ninth Circle, Dumb Little Man has some great suggestions for surviving. Go check their post for the entire list, but here are a few of […]

What does it take to get into a PhD program?

Dr. Emelee is a former Big 4 employee in the process of obtaining his own PhD. In this article, first published on Going Concern earlier this fall, he explains what it takes to get onto a PhD program.

Is There Room for Creativity in an Accounting Job?

You probably think that accounting has no room for creativity. Or that pairing the words “creative” and “accounting” is a nice euphemism for egregious fraud.

Don’t Make These Five Mistakes When Hunting for a New Job

Just like in life, when you're looking for a new job, it's easy to get in your own way. There are lots of ways you can sabotage yourself and Forbes has a baker's dozen of them. Here's a rundown of five that we think are the most likely to trip you up:   1. Failing […]

Not feeling the love yet this recruiting season?

The resume is the easy bit, right? It’s a description of your job history and responsibilities. A list of your achievements and an insight into your leadership, team building or client relationship skills. Well kind of. If you take it literally. We see many resumes that don’t perform very well on this basis alone, but […]

Getting to third base — converting a second stage interview into an offer

So you’ve made it past round one and now you’ve been asked back for a second, in-house interview. It’s not, and never will be, plain sailing from this point but you are one step closer to securing that internship offer. Here are some tips on what to do, and not do, from this point that […]

89% of US workers lack passion

This worrying indictment that we’re largely a passionless bunch is outlined in the Unlocking the Passion of the Explorer report from Deloitte Center for the Edge, which surveyed 3,000 full-time US workers from 15 industries and across various job levels.

A Guide to 3 Essential Soft Skills for Accountants

It goes without saying that accounting is not just about technical skills. To navigate your way successfully through the minefield that is landing your dream job, you’ll also need a heap of skills that have nothing to do with debits and credits.

Mastering Your “To-Be” List

Virtually every accounting professional maintains some type of to-do list, whether it's as simple as a few notes on a page or a comprehensive electronic system. To-do lists, as everyone knows, have high utility – the items on the list are constant reminders as to what we want or choose to get done.    However, […]

Not All Partner Mentors Are Created Equal

It’s been my experience that mentoring is 90% talking about mentoring and 10% actual mentoring.

Greener Grass: Don’t Be Sod, Get a New Job!

You're sitting there, bored. Dejected. STOP IT. You're awesome, so start acting like it.  "But I have a soul-sucking job that I hate," you say.  Again, we say, "STOP IT." You deserve better. What it is exactly, we're not sure, but, at the very least, we insist you drag your lifeless hand to use the […]

ACCA/IMA Report Reveals Ten Key Skills for Future CFOs

While many of today’s CFOs have taken the usual finance stepping-stones toward their executive roles, they believe tomorrow’s CFOs will need new experiences and key skills to meet the evolving needs of business, according to a new report.

Greener Grass: Is It Time Mowzy on to Your Next Accounting Job?

Now that it's October, many of you are getting serious about finding your next job. The best thing to do, we think, to get started on your search is to head over to Going Concern Jobs and see what's listed there. Then set up an account, upload your résumé, create a shortlist of the jobs you're interested in, and set up some email alerts so […]

Accounting Managers Cautiously Planning to Hire More in Q4

Managers in accounting, finance, and IT are cautiously optimistic about their hiring plans for the fourth quarter of 2013, according to a new hiring outlook survey from staffing firm Brilliant.   This quarter's hiring forecast revealed a continued rise in unfilled positions and a substantial loss in key talent, resulting in a favorable outlook in […]

BREAKING: Staff Leaving CPA Firms for More Money

According to the Rosenberg MAP Survey, which you can buy here if you feel like dropping $450, turnover at some CPA firms saw their turnover go up 50% in 2012. GAHHHHHH! Wait, it's NBD: Yes, turnover increased 50%. But the 16-18% range is about where staff turnover was at before the recession and where it […]

Greener Grass: Now Is the Time to Make a Mooove in Your Accounting Career

Now that's officially fall, you're probably thinking it's finally time that you got serious about finding a new job. Before long it'll be mid-November, and then you'll be in a food-induced hibernation for the last six weeks of the year.  Where to start, right? Well, the easiest thing to do is jump over to Going […]

College Student Survey: America’s Ideal Employers

The results of Universum’s American Student Survey reveal how students perceive organizations as employers in the United States.

Accounting, a recessionary proof profession?

Although accounting has often been described as a profession and industry that is fairly recessionary proof, is that really true?

Creating a personal brand

It’s time to update your resume, brush the digital dust off your LinkedIn profile and start thinking about how best to stand out from the crowd this fall.

Top 5 Checklist for Successful Job Hunting

It’s tough out there. Job hunting is almost a full time job in itself. Resumes, LinkedIn profiles, recruiters and job boards all need juggling and managing.

Going Concern Jobs Is Now at Your Service

Back in February we briefly let you in on a new venture that we were working on called Going Concern Jobs. While there had been many discussions here at GC about the opportunities around job boards and recruiting services, we hadn't consulted with the most important people in that process, and that would be you all, the readers of Going Concern. 

This Is a Friendly Reminder to Take the Going Concern Jobs Survey and Enter for a Chance to Win an iPad Mini

Hey, everyone. Colin here. Mind if I pull you away from your spreadsheets for a bit? No, you don't mind.  Last Friday we announced that Going Concern Jobs would be gracing the Internet with its presence in the very near future. Of course, before we jump into anything we like to check with you all […]

Going Concern Jobs Is Coming Soon to an Internet Near You

It’s February. It’s busy season. We understand that you have things to do. You can spend a few minutes helping us, can’t you? Of course you can. Believe it or not, we pay attention to what you guys and gals click, read, complain about, enjoy, and flat out hate. So we think we have an […]