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In Case You’re Feeling Frustrated This Monday, We Made You Some Ecards

Usually I'm loathe to share over-shared memes but somehow someecards still manages to be funny at least some of the time. Plus the format is pretty much perfect for socially awkward, passive aggressive people, not like I know any of those *cough*.

Instead of sharing the same old same old workplace cards, we made some of our own specific to the profession. If you'd like to join the fun, make one of your own and post it in the comments. Hell, let's make it a contest, I'll send a virtual box of kittens and an actual prize (worth actual money, even, and not a box full of those vintage GC luggage cozies I've been trying to unload since 2010) to whoever comes up with the best one. So make sure to use a real email that I can actually reach you at.

Feel free to spread these around in a way that won't get you fired for being an asshole to your colleagues.

And, finally, a bonus we can't take credit for:

Have fun!