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September 26, 2023

Is confirmation the worst job a new hire can get?

Busy season is coming, and I'm a little blue.


Last week, my senior assigned me all the confirmations for year end, and we are talking about at least 200 confirmations. This might be my only task for the entire busy season. 


I'm a little confused, does this mean a lot of trust or a lot of distrust? I'm real cozy with my senior but she gave me all the confirms and kept the other girl doing everything else, like all the PBC files, and some PBSenior documents. Confirmation is important but it's a no-brainer job.


i know every senior has his/her favorite one among a few staffs he/she manages, I just thought my senior favors me. We talk about everything but the other girl is always quiet, sometimes lack of personal skills. But this job is more like a punishment to me. What am I supposed to write in my year end review, "sending 200 confirms during busy season is my biggest achievement?"


what's the general protocol about confirmations? Use the loser or the star? 


Newbie is stuck in this situation and feeling unhappy. Just want to know where I stand. Need your help.


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