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Confused of what to do next. Get my CPA or go to graduate school?

I graduated with an accounting degree in 2006 and took a job as a Fund Accountant in mutual funds. I was laid off from my job in 2013 due to the fact my position was moved to another state. Even though I have almost 7 yrs experience my work experience is pretty useless and can't find another job after 2 yrs of looking. I'm a little confused of what to do next. Since I have no legitimate accounting experience I can't get a job at a big 4 or anywhere else for that matter. No one will give me a experienced hire position due to my bad experience and I can't get an entry level position because I'm not just out of college. Should I go for the CPA or go get my masters degree in accounting? Which would be a more beneficial move for me at this point to get a job at a big 4 or mid level accounting firm? Not sure what my next step should be at this point. Please HELP!!!!