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Stressing about Background Check


I am supposed to be starting at a midtier firm in the next month or so, but I am alittle worried now. I am moving to a different city in the next few days and my college friends and I went out last night for one last hurrah before we go our seperate ways. We had a few drinks and got turned away from a bar because they were not letting everyone in. My friend got vocal with the bouncer and the cops had started getting involved. I walked over to pull him away and the cop must have thought I was going to do something because he grabbed me by my neck and pulled me away. They proceed to push my friend away and said to leave. We thoguth they were unneccesarily physical and because we are stupid we went back for badge numbers to register a complaint. They said no and we got into an argument. The next thing I know we are tackled to the ground and we are sitting handcuffed ont he side of the street. The cops ran our IDs and decided to cite us for disorderly conduct. I do not have any prior anythings and after talking to the officer they said the charges would likely be dismissed. We were not arressted or booked, just given a ticket.

I am supposed to be having a background check done next week and now I am supremly nervous at the thought of the firm pulling my offer that I accepted back in November. I dont want to watch my hardwork which includes passing the cpa exam to go down in flames because of some stupid misunderstanding.