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TIL: There Are a Slew of Chinese Communist Party Members Who Work At the Queen’s Big 4

“This is a bizarre and scandalous state of affairs. Putting aside any espionage risk, which is clearly highly serious in itself, surely there are significant questions to be answered about client confidentially. If I was a client of these firms, would I really want my sensitive business information being discussed by people with links to a one-party state? I do think we need to be clear about both the undoubted opportunities, but also the very obvious risks, of business with China.”

Tory MP Bob Seely, a member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, said about a report by The Telegraph that revealed the Big 4 firms in the U.K. have employed more than 2,000 members of the Chinese Communist Party, including at least one partner in every firm.

According to The Telegraph:

At least 400 KPMG staff had CCP membership in 2016 according to documents seen by the Telegraph – with one partner praised by a Chinese state website for “making the red gene take root”.

Meanwhile EY and Deloitte each employ more than 800 party members, including Deloitte’s deputy director in China. Some senior staff at PwC are members too, including at least one partner.

Big Four auditors employ hundreds of Chinese Communist Party members [The Telegraph]

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