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Bonus Watch ’20: Oh Right, Deloitte U.S. Employees Got a Bonus Before the Holidays Too

Yesterday we posted a short article about the holiday bonuses that were recently bestowed on employees of EY U.S. EY Canada, which was either $750 or $1,500 depending on rank. (Although EY U.S. employees found out earlier today they are getting mid-year raises. More on that here.) Our lone commenter thus far on the EY Canada bonus article reminded us about something that has been discussed recently on the usual chatter sites:

Deloitte US got $1500 across the service lines last Friday

Apparently a week or so before Thanksgiving, Deloitte CEO Joe Ucuzoglu sent an email to all Green Dotters that said they would be receiving a $1,500 bonus on Dec. 11. Was this a holiday bonus from Joe U? A mid-year bonus? A “sorry your raises sucked this year so here’s a little something extra” bonus? We don’t know. But it sure excited one Deloitter:

So, we know of December holiday bonuses for EY Canada and Deloitte U.S. Any other firms giving out/gave out bonuses before Jan. 1? If so, let us know in the comments or get in touch with us using the contact info below.

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5 thoughts on “Bonus Watch ’20: Oh Right, Deloitte U.S. Employees Got a Bonus Before the Holidays Too

  1. EY is getting $50 gift cards to 1-800-Flowers for the holidays. Was announced at the tail end of today’s call, much after the mid-year raises were announced at the very start of the call.

  2. DHG gave out a $1,000 ‘thank you’ bonus on October 1st. Additionally, Raises that typically take place on August 1st were delayed until December 1st – however, everyone received a one time payout as if they had received their raise in August on December 1st.

  3. KPMG audit announced a little over a week ago that they’re reinstating (in some form) our audit transformation bonus. It was originally supposed to be paid in May 2021, but they cancelled it during Covid. Now it’s going to be paid partially in January 2021and partially in May 2021. No word yet on how big it will be, but hopefully we’ll know before Christmas!

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