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California CPA Exam Scores Were Like Really, Really Late But It’s All Good Now, Brah

This morning I planned to let you know about an ongoing situation involving the California Board of Accountancy and hordes of angry CPA exam candidates, but wouldn’t you know, just as I fired up the ole CRM to write the post, the situation was magically resolved. I figured I’d go ahead and update anyway in case any Twitter-averse California CPA exam candidates are out there waiting for an update.

So here’s what happened. After scores were released last Friday, the CBA announced “an unexpected outage” that would delay scores. California candidates are already used to their special system (not to be confused with the streamlined NASBA service a majority of states use) but this was like next-level delay.

Naturally, candidates were not pleased about this, but to their credit, they were insanely polite about it all weekend.

Unfortunately for them, asking for updates didn’t really get them much of one. CBA responded with the same canned text each time:

We will post the scores as soon as they become available. We do not have an ETA at this time. Thank you for your patience. As the scores become available, they will automatically update on the client accounts.

By this point in the story, the already tightly-wound CPA exam candidates usually start throwing a fit, hurling expletives, spamming disappointment memes, and threatening to burn down entire villages to avenge their honor. But I have to give it to this bunch of candidates, they kept their cool all weekend. I know the stereotype of the “chill Californian” is played out at this point, but as a former Californian myself, I have to say I’m not really surprised everyone behaved.

Monday came and went, still no scores. And still no big candidate freakouts. You guys make me so proud.

But here we are, Tuesday morning and still nothing. CBA got around to posting an update but let’s just say it was less than informative.

Had this thing dragged out any longer I think we would have gotten some Grade A candidate rants, but lucky for the CBA, no sooner did they post an update than the issue was resolved. Just like that.

So there you have it: The anti-climactic non-saga of the California Board of Accountancy’s outdated system letting candidates down and candidates being mostly OK with it because folks just do things differently out west.